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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome back, Faculty!

Jeanne Nelson asks “Does a roomful of library books provide adequate educational support? If simply providing instructional materials worked, we should be able to eliminate all teachers, replacing them with a classroom full of textbooks. Students can surely find all the information they need … for college if they are surrounded by textbooks, right?

Hogwash! We live in an information tsunami,” where all students must learn how to locate, evaluate and use appropriately the information they need for the research process without drowning. It’s called information literacy, it’s embedded in the PACT skills, and the library is committed to creating it for Butler students, as you are.

But you need to know what’s new before your students do. In designing assignments – do you need to change them up? Can we assist you in freshening up your lecture, or in scaffolding research papers to build the skills they need to use library resources and construct real papers?

Look at the expectations of research abilities and skills for K-12, Undergraduates, etc., laid out here: Albert's Model of the Research Process.

Are you comfortable when the library resources of eBooks and encyclopedias and journal resources are on the internet? For example, our entire book collection of the series “Opposing Viewpoints” is also loaded into the database of the same name. eBooks: this means that students studying in Andover and Marion and online; in the library or the dorm room; at 1 p.m. or 1 a.m. can all use the same book at the same time. Most of our periodicals and reference books are electronic only now, not paper.

Remember we have three Reference and Instruction Librarians: Judy Bastin, based in El Dorado, and Alicia Lillich and Teresa Mayginnes, who are based at the Andover Campus. Our library staff stays current with technology, services and instruction. And we’d like to help you.

Don’t get me wrong: I love books, and the library is that amazing place on campus where students and faculty and books all meet in real time. Books will never just go away – they are a mature technology. But we’re more than paper books.

If you spot an eBook in our online catalog, click on the title, then “View this Resource Online” and you’re taken right to the book through the web site. And if you happen to be searching in EBSCO for a topic, the eBooks will be listed right there with the journal articles. This is new.

Our other new databases include the Streaming video of World History in Video (companion to American History in Video), and the digital music of American Song.

Newsbank will enable full text in the Wichita Eagle; EZBib gives citation creation a whirl. The Faculty LibGuide connects you to all this information in an easy-to-absorb form, with Zombie combat included. So gird up your loins, click on the library tab in Pipeline, and have a great semester.

1) Jeannie Nelson, Fallbrook, California, Opinion/Reader Forum/Comment Enabled, American Libraries Magazine, June/July 2011, P 10-11

Your librarian,
Micaela Ayers

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