Monday, September 12, 2011

Higlighting a resource: ProQuest Nursing video

Tip: Get to these from the Pipeline library tab, selecting ProQuest. Select advanced search option > Health & Medicine (in the subject area) > audio visual to get directly to the titles.

ProQuest Nursing videos gives faculty and students 24-7 access to Medcom's library of training programs in streaming video. Already widely used in nursing courses and hospitals, Medcom videos have won more than 50 major awards for excellence, including the prestigious Emmy award. Nursing videos cover the fundamentals of nurse training as well as advanced topics.

Subject areas and sample titles include:

*Anatomy and Physiology: The Nervous System; The Muscular System; The Reproductive System

*Basic Clinical Skills: Admission and Discharge; The Charting Process; Measuring Vital Signs; Administering Medications; Lifting and Moving the Patient

*Cardiology: EKG Interpretation and Response; Advanced Cardiac Monitoring; CPR: New Guidelines for Healthcare

*Communications: Nurse-Patient Relationships; Cultural Awareness in Healthcare; The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy

*Gerontology: A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment; Gerontology: Meeting Mental Health Needs; Recognizing Elder Abuse

*Infection Control: Standards for Infection Control; Pandemic Influenza; Aseptic Nursing Technique in the OR

*Legal Aspects of Nursing: Nursing Negligence: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Patients; Medication Errors; HIPAA for Healthcare Workers: The Privacy Rule
*Long Term Care: Resident Assessment: Physical Functioning; Meeting the Diabetes Challenge; Fall Prevention

*Medication Administration: Parenteral Medication Administration; Heart Medications; Moderate or Procedural Sedation; Case Studies in Medication Error Prevention

*Nursing Assistant Skills: Transfer and Ambulation; Recognizing Abnormal Signs and Symptoms; Techniques in Bathing

*Obstetrical Nursing: Labor and Delivery; Electronic Fetal Monitoring; Assisted Delivery and Cesarean Section; Pain Control

*Pediatrics: Medicating Children; Physical Assessment of a Child; Recognizing Child Abuse

*Surgical Care: Surgical Wound Care; Closed Suction Wound Drainage, Wound Irrigation, and Specimen Collection

*Wound Care: Phases of Healing and Types of Wounds; Normal and Impaired Healing; Pressure Ulcers

Contact your reference librarian, Judy Bastin, for more information.

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