Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Report Suggests Mandatory Library Orientation Helps Students Graduate at Community Colleges

...The report found similar results regarding orientation services, which include providing students with information on navigating the library and finding support services such as academic and mental-health counseling. Previous research shows that participation in orientation leads to greater use of support services and improved retention of at-risk students, the report says. However, among colleges that offer orientation programs, only 38 percent report that they require it for all first-time students.

From The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 2, 2012, Multiyear Study of Community-College Practices Asks: What Helps Students Graduate?, Jennifer Gonzalez.

David Binder reports in the comments that "The study discussed in the article ("A Matter of Degrees: Promising Practices for Community College Student Success") is the first of an intended 3 study series and is available at http://www.ccsse.org/. It can be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat file."

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