Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1940 U.S. Census - anyone you know in it?

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This week's Kansas Government Information (KGI) blog has information on the release of the 1940 US Census:


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Bill Sowers
Kansas Documents and Cataloging Librarian
State Library of Kansas

Monday, April 09, 2012

Our DEWEY Winner 2012

On Thursday, April 5, 2012 at Institutional Development Day, Micaela Ayers, Director of Library Services, and Dr. Karla Fisher,Vice President for Academics, introduced our DEWEY Winner:

Wow, nine DEWEY nominees. What a fantastic group of people who honor us with their use of the library every year.

Please know you are appreciated by students, staff, and faculty who turned their admiration for how you use the library into an award nomination. Freda Briggs, Sue Cecil, Susan Forrest, Ron Garber, Karla Duran, Troy Nordman, Michelle McClendon, Matt Webster and Bernie Wonsetler.

DEWEY stands for Developing Education with an Excellent Library: Yours.

Thanks to you all.

The first DEWEY Award winner was Jane Watkins, in 2010; and last year’s winner was Gina Austin-Fresh.

The library has been extraordinarily busy this year,
• Completing the digitization of all of the historical Butler yearbooks and the Grizzly magazines – please find them on our website.
• We’ve purchased over 1,000 Books and access to 3500 eBooks, and check out 19,000 items a year.
• We’ve sent out over 550 interlibrary loans.
• We now have the Wichita Eagle online back to 1984.
• And it’s all available on your mobile device.

Finally, we’ve instructed over 3000 students in Andover and El Dorado this year in information literacy, course-specific resources, and quality research. That’s remarkable, because it depends on you faculty to arrange those sessions, and you do, helping us reach our goal of meeting student needs.

The DEWEY Award annually recognizes a faculty member who is an outstanding user of the Butler library. This might include:

• innovative, consistent, effective use of the library in teaching
• program activities that bring students and/or the community into the library
• promotion, encouragement or support of the library and its resources and services
• contributions towards thoughtful, timely, and in-depth resource development

In this case, the nominee

“understands the importance of library resources to her student’s education, and encourages them to use those resources as often as possible. She – and it is a she – consistently brings them to the library to take advantage of Judy’s excellent instruction and is always open to trying new techniques. She encourages their understanding and use of quality sources and their ability to independently analyze them. She is consistently positive, yet pushes her students to excel, and makes certain they understand the concepts. And she always tells them to take advantage of library staff help and knowledge to succeed in their educational goals – and to have fun with other resources such as our wii and movies. Michelle McClendon is a true library advocate in every sense of the word!

And she is our DEWEY award winner this year.

With this recognition, Michelle is awarded a
• A $500 grant to select books for the library out of the library budget in their subject area
• A $50 Barnes and Noble gift certificate to purchase books for self-inspiration presented in this lovely basket of goodies with a “Time to Read” theme
• She’ll make an appearance on library READ posters around the college and permanently framed in the library (a print is giving to the winner) as well as having her own READ bookmarks to use
• And she’ll have a permanent place in the library on the Award plaque listing all our winners.

Thanks again to all our nominees. Hope to see you here next year.

Congratulations, Michelle McClendon!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Butler's Online Yearbooks - ALL of them!

Yes! From 1927 to 1995, with more current editions of The Grizzly Magazine afterwards, you can get to the Butler Community College yearbooks at this link: