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Monday, January 14, 2013

Faculty Return! Potpourri Library News, Spring 2013

Welcome back, good to see all the faculty on campus again!

Ponder how many of you have now used an eBook. Perhaps it was on a personal eReader like the Nook, Kindle, or Sony … or on your smart phone …or a tablet… laptop … desktop …Used it for reading the latest John Grisham or classic Jane Austen … or while doing research… From a show of hands at the faculty meeting this morning, it looked to be about 50% attending.

Now for the library news here at Butler:

First of all, the library is adding a subscription to approximately 100,000 academic eBooks. You’ll find them through our EBSCO database.

Now, I have another question. How many of you remember what PDA is?

Ah, PDA… Public Display of Affection

And when we got a little older, it was that little electronic device, the

Personal Digital Assistant

Now the PDA acronym panoply enlarges again:

Patron Driven Acquisition – PDA of eBooks.

Patron Driven Acquisition is library jargon for allowing students, staff and faculty to choose what they read, and only then charge the library for the book.

It will work through our catalog, with three main triggers for purchase.

After an eBook is discovered, we buy it when:

• it is read for 10 minutes or ten pages;
• or portions are printed, emailed or copied;
• or the entire thing is downloaded.

We have options from 300,000 books, and will select certain subject sets to choose from. I invite you to please feel free to express your thoughts about this.

An update on Films on Demand – we’ve been working with the vendor on this. Call Aaron Brown x6326 when and if you experience delays. He needs to know which classroom; what time any slowing occurs. Thanks!

Our other news is about library people. Judy Bastin introduced Teresa Mayginnes, formerly of our Butler 6000 and Andover High School media center staff. She will be in the Butler 5000 building, serving in the Libraryette and the Learning Commons (formerly the lobby) of 5000 North. In February, Tammy Garrison will join our Butler librarians in the 6000 Building.

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