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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Disappearing World Series

Disappearing World Now Appearing on Films On Demand

Films On Demand is continually growing, with thousands of new videos added each year from outstanding producers. We're delighted to spotlight for you one of the many new series now available on our platform: the acclaimed Disappearing World series.

Disappearing World, the classic, long-running anthropological series, spans the globe to document “disappearing” or forgotten peoples, communities, and customs. Now part of the Films On Demand platform, this 35-part series is chock-full of fascinating ethnographic content.

Recorded between 1970 and 1991, these films—featuring leading scholars of the day, such as Elizabeth Fernea and Owen Lattimore—study rituals and ways of life, exploring critical issues of transition or survival facing ancient tribes, indigenous cultures, and other minority groups. From the Mursi nomads of Ethiopia and Asante market women of Ghana to the Vlach Gypsies of Hungary and sherpas of Nepal, Disappearing World presents gripping footage of peoples, events, and places—before then rarely seen by Western eyes—amid profound and irreversible change.
Like other videos in Films On Demand, Disappearing World titles:
• are iPad, PC, Mac, and Android friendly
• are divided into predefined clips so users can find content more easily—perfect for in-class use
• include closed-captioning and feature interactive transcripts.
Check out the Disappearing World series today! Find it quickly by typing series item number 49216 in the Films On Demand search box.

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