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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Butler Visits with 3 Presidential Candidates in June

And this article from League Connections has some excellent points on what's needed for leadership in the community colleges historically as well and now and in the future:

Leadership Abstracts
Community College Presidents: What Does It Take? by Patricia Konovalov and Roberta C. Teahen

...Evolution of the Community College Presidency

Exploring how the community college presidency has developed over the years will illustrate how roles have changed. Sullivan (2001) succinctly categorized the history of the community college presidency into four generations. He characterized the first generation as that of the Founding Fathers, who built the earliest colleges. The Founding Fathers were known as creative, daring, and unrestricted. He describes the second generation of presidents as the Good Manager presidents.
Based on current trends, we propose that fifth-generation presidents (2010 and beyond) will be recognized as Adaptive Presidents, as they are challenged to guide colleges through economic, political, social, and global uncertainties that are far more complex than those earlier generations experienced and that may require colleges to embrace entirely new models.

View the rest of the article here.

President Frances Willard, first female president of an American college, 1871

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