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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two new online resources from Kansas Legal Services

Moving people out of poverty often requires dealing with work barriers. Transportation and issues of getting to and from work are barriers addressed in new online resources on the Kansas Legal Services website.

Since July 1, 2013, persons with a Suspended Driver's License can apply to convert to a Restricted License for one year. Information on eligibility and access to the required application form are on the KLS website at: Over 30,000 people each year receive a suspended license for failure to pay a traffic ticket or to appear in court. Those with the financial means pay up and keep their license. Those without financial resources need an opportunity to work, raise the money and pay off those fines. This program gives them that opportunity.

When you buy a car, motorcycle or mobile home in a private transaction, there are sometimes questions about the transfer of the title. The option often given for dealing with a title transfer when the "owner" is not available to sign is a Quiet Title Action. An instruction packet and required forms are available on the KLS website at:

Thank you for helping make these resources known to library users.
Marilyn Harp
Executive Director
Kansas Legal Services, Inc.
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