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Monday, September 16, 2013

New Ceramics Research Guide

I don't know why I've never reported on some of the amazing LibGuide Research Guides that our reference staff have produced over the last three years. Perhaps because I don't use them in my job; perhaps because I only contributed to one before now. Certainly I know how critical they are to the students and faculty who come to depend on them.

Research Guides are collections of resources and weblinks bringing together all aspects of an academic course or assignment or topic. Each one like a regular website with tabs, lots of links, and video. All are curated by librarians and shared across colleges and universities throughout the world.

Since I put together the Ceramics Research Guide, I now know how much work goes into one. Ceramics is organized into Artists & Shows; Books & Magazines; Videos for Beginners; Videos for Intermediate & Advanced; and Home and Help, of course.

Take a look at Ceramics, and then look at the full list of guides. You may need one soon!

Note: As you enter the actual guides, you'll need to use your Butler username and password for links to our paid resources.

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