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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Films on Demand - New tools for Use

Films on Demand reports:

We are delighted to highlight some of the latest enhancements to the Films On Demand platform--an exciting new feature that allows users to create their own unique custom segments, plus new EasyBib integration, the transcript cross-search feature, Continuous Play option, an updated Support Center, and more.


First, you'll like the new Custom Segment tool that gives users the option to create their own unique custom segments. You can use the new Custom Segment tool to identify the start and end times, and provide a title and description, for a new segment that you create from any video that is part of your collection. Perfect for adding to a playlist and sharing with your students.

To learn more about the new Custom Segment tool, please visit the updated Films On Demand Support Center:

Using Custom Segments (video tutorial)
How to Use Custom Segments (article)


Full integration with EasyBib is now here!:

1. Citation Creation: When you click on the Citation option below any video window, you'll always see the most current, correctly formatted version of the citation in MLA, Chicago, and APA.

2. Citation Export Tool: You now have the option of exporting citations from Films On Demand directly to EasyBib, if you choose. This allows you to create a bibliography under your EasyBib account and include your videos along with other references you may be using for a project or paper.

To learn more about the improved video citations, please visit the updated Films On Demand Support Center:

How to Cite a Video (article)
Using Citations (video tutorial)


Users can now search Films On Demand by segments, titles, or transcripts. The ability to search not just within our interactive transcripts, but across the full transcripts of all the titles in your account provides extremely targeted, specific results that help you locate the exact piece of a video you are looking for.

To use this new search feature, simply select "Transcripts" from the drop-down menu next to the search bar, then enter your search term and click on "Search." Once you click on a title from the list of search results, you will be taken to that title's View Video page, where the Transcript tab will be displayed by default, and every instance of your search term will be automatically highlighted in the transcript.

To learn more about searching by transcript, please visit the updated Films On Demand Support Center:

How to Search by Transcript (article)


Viewing a video or playlist has never been more convenient. By popular demand, we've added two new continuous play options for our users.

1. Continuous Play: Check off the Continuous Play box on any View Video page to enjoy continuous playback from segment to segment.

2. Loop Playlist: Select the Loop Playlist option on any Playlist page to watch the full playlist on a continuous loop.

To learn more about viewing playlists, please visit the updated Films On Demand Support Center:

How to View a Playlist (article)


Help is always available from Films On Demand's updated Support Center. Visit now to view the new and improved features.
• More Than 150 Help Articles
• More Than 20 Tutorial Videos
• Live Help Chat
• New Sharing Options
• Enhanced Page Tools
• And More!

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