Monday, March 31, 2014

Do you teach online? Do you take online courses?

6 Ways to Be a Better Online Teacher

With more and more faculty being asked to teach blended or online courses, the need for faculty training has never been higher. Campus Technology looks at tried-and-tested strategies for molding better online instructors...
by Paul Beaudoin, 03/26/14

1) Maximize Your Digital Savvy

The online learning environment relies on technology to deliver education to the learner. Let the available technological tools help, not hinder, what you would like to achieve in your course. As you develop and deploy your course online, take time to discover the digital tools in your arsenal. Taking advantage of technology can help you save time, increase your efficiency and engage your learners at ever deeper levels.

If your institution uses a learning management system, learn how you can harness the tools it comes with. LMS platforms can do everything from managing documents and administering tests and surveys to supporting blogs, wikis and multimedia.

Librarians can help you with this! Call to set up an appointment to visit our Instruction staff head, Judy Bastin.

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