Tuesday, March 04, 2014

It won't be long...

It won't be long till Spring, and graduation follows so quickly!

For those searching for jobs, starting early is always worthwhile - resume writing, searching the industry and local jobs, improving job search skills. Butler, through the state library, has an online tool to help. LearningExpress tells me-

A powerful career guidance tool is now available to help your patrons face the daunting task of searching for jobs or advancing their careers. Job & Career Accelerator from LearningExpress- the industry’s most comprehensive online career and job search system- put job seekers in the driver’s seat.

Job & Career Accelerator integrates everything patrons need to conduct a successful job search. Interactive wizards guide patrons through each step of the process, from exploring occupations and finding jobs to preparing resumes, completing job applications, and improving job search skills. The personalized job search portfolio allows job seekers to plan, tailor, and track multiple job searches while providing easy access to all of their saved information.

The end result is the most efficient and effective job search possible.

Stop in to the library or visit our webpage (the databases) to connect with Job & Career Accelerator from LearningExpress.

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