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Friday, May 30, 2014

Nicole Hennig, from her newsletter Mobile Apps News, May 29, 2014, says:
If you haven’t had a chance to read
this new book yet, I recommend it.

It’s Complicated: the Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd.

It’s an interesting read, especially if you care about the ability of teenagers to become thoughtful, engaged citizens of cyberspace.

To make it easier to spread the word, she has posted a free PDF version of the book, which you can download here:

All the buying options are listed on this page:

Chapters in the book, published by Yale University, include:
why do teens seem strange online?
why do youth share so publicly?
what makes teens obsessed with social media?
are sexual predators lurking everywhere?
is social media amplifying meanness and cruelty?
can social media resolve social divisions?
are today’s youth digital natives?
searching for a public of their own

Nicole's new book is Best Apps for Academics - the ebook she co-authored with Pam Nicholas of MIT. She also says, "Please share this newsletter with your friends who might be interested. They can sign up here:

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