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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Legal Resources for Kansas Tenants from the State Library of KS

A lease agreement often requires duties from both the landlord and the tenant. Tenant issues and rights are addressed in a new online resource page on the Kansas Legal Services website:

Kansas tenants specifically have issues with their security deposits. Whether they don’t know how much a landlord may charge or whether they’re trying to get their security deposit back, all these questions are answered on our new resource page. Additionally, there’s a guided interview that tenants can use to get their security deposits back. This form gives tenants an opportunity to file an action in small claims court with ease; they simply enter their information and it will generate their information into a court approved form. These papers can be taken to the County Courthouse for filing by the tenant. Fees and notice to the landlord are explained in this guided interview.

The new resource page informs tenants about all the details they need to know about their lease. It informs tenants about the whole process, from move-in to move-out, about what they need to know, and what duties they owe to the landlord and vice versa. The information is in a simple Q&A style format, and contains additional videos with more detailed information.

Thank you for helping make these resources known to library users.

Marilyn Harp
Kansas Legal Services
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