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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Coffeyville Explosion of Oct. 18

An unknown man delivers a package to be sent by train from Coffeyville, Kansas, but before the package is put on the train it explodes killing two people. Various groups accuse each other of the deed which is cussed and discussed through the local media for weeks. Finally the State Legislature appoints a committee to hear witnesses and view testimony trying to sort out just what happened.

Sounds like a plot for a TV movie on events taking place within recent years, doesn't it?

No... The event took place in Coffeyville, Kansas on October 18, 1888 and the legislative report was issued in 1891.

The State Library of Kansas' KGI Online Library has just added an 1891 legislative committee report on the 1888 explosion in Coffeyville, Kansas. Take a look at the short blog article and look through the transcriptions of testimonies and other evidence at:

The blog article includes a link to a digitized pamphlet at Kansas Memory (Kansas Historical Society) issued by Populists shortly after the explosion.

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Bill Sowers

Bill Sowers
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